Heliya Alam is a young Persian female film filmmaker who drives to tell character driven stories that evoke emotion in her audience.

After immigrating to the states at age 12 with her family, she did not let the English language barrier come between her goals and dreams to tell stories. She was accepted into the USC Cinematic Arts school where she worked for several companies such as Diablo Entertainment, 2C media, Route One Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, and Warner Bros. 

To this day, Heliya has produced five feature films in the capacity of Executive producer, Line Producer, Co producer and lead producer as well as produced over a dozen of short films. 

She directed her first narrative music video, Promise Me in 2018 which premiered at Dance With Films and wrote, and directed her first narrative short film The List, in 2021. 

She is eager to tackle new projects, and explore new ideas. 

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